A few more MOSS tricks...

Master dialog pages

So you created a great all new master page for your Sharepoint site, but all the dialog pages (i.e. Acces Denied, Unknown Error...) are still  in the "Default" style?

Yeah, I know...

You have to edit the "simple.master" file in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS

And to apply all styles all over again....


Hide "SiteActions" menu

If you want to hide "SiteActions" menu from the unauthorised users, just wrap it in the SPSecurityTrimmedControl Control in the Master page, ie:

<SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl PermissionsString="ManagePermissions" runat="server">
     <PublishingSiteAction:SiteActionMenu runat="server" />

In the "PermissionsString" attribute you can set to which users you can show SiteActions menu.

Zac Smith explained in his blog possible values for PermissionsString:


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Published Thursday, January 31, 2008 10:22 PM by Adis Jugo
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