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  • Error handling behavior with and without UpdatePanel

    UpdatePanel is my personal favorite in the whole AJAX framework, because it enables easy implementation more responsive web application. Years ago, on the beginning of ASP.NET I was asking myself, why ASP.NET has been by default designed to be irresponsive. Now it is a time to migrate all those controls...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 01-09-2007
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  • Javascript DOM setAttribute Method

    If you have already tried dynamically to generate HTML elements over Javascript DOM, then is the "setAttribute" method the one that you have used a lot. This method is very useful if you are developing Javascript/AJAX based custom control but the main problem of this method is that you cannot...
    Posted to Armin Kalajdzija Posts by Armin Kalajdzija on 12-21-2006
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  • ASP.NET_compiler error

    Sometimes by using of ASP.NET_compiler following error can occur: error ASPCONFIG: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS. After deep investigation...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 10-25-2006
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  • Enigma about property Request.IsAuthenticted

    There are many scenarios which require you to read or set the property HttpRequest.IsAuthenticated , while implementing some security staffs. For example, imagine you write a web application, which utilizes the forms authentication. The forms authentication's simplified pattern is shown in the code bellow...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 10-09-2006
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  • Using of UserControls as WebParts

    By using implementing of some more complex web application you will probably have a requirement to integrate web parts in your application. Unfortunately ASP.NET 2.0 based web parts, are derived from the Web Part class which implicitly derives from WebControl and not from UserControl. The big difference...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 09-19-2006
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  • SSL Basics

    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions related to SSL basics. The content posted here is a part of the IIS Diagnostic Tool . What is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security standard designed to provide secure connections on the Internet. Using an SSL solution, you can encrypt confidential data...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 09-17-2006
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  • Compilation error by registering of the custom web part

    Problem Description: By implementing of custom web parts based on ASP.NET 2.0, you will probably find many examples, which simple do not work. One of common problems is that the custom web part is not properly registered in the parent page. For example, image you implemented the web part in the namespace...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 09-08-2006
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  • Custom rendering of WebParts in ASP.NET

    By using of ASP.NET WebParts, sometimes it might be useful to implement custom look and feel of the web part. The existing web part framework enables you to customize the design (chrome) of the web part by simply changing of html style. By using of this technique, it is unfortunately not possible to...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 09-04-2006
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  • Encoding of the Multirow Textbox content in the HTTP request

    When using of the multi-row TextBox ASP.NET control, sometime it is required to send the content of that box to server. For example the request http://host/myapp/default.asp?textboxcontrol=prm can be created with the javascript as shown: var prm = document.all[“myTextControl”].innerHTML; window.showModalDialog...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 08-17-2006
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  • ATLAS Issue: RegisterStartupScript and RegisterClientScriptBlock do not work in atlas:UpdatePanel?

    To understand this ATLAS issue imagine there is a page which has an asp:button control and corresponding handler, which is called when the button is clicked. The requirement is to show the alert window, when the button ‘cmd’ is clicked. To do that the handler function ‘cmd_Click’ register the client...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 07-20-2006
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  • Problem with rendering of the ASP.NET CheckBox control

    Few days ago Armin has posted the rendering problem of the ASP.NET 2.0 checkbox control. His problem was to append required custom HTML attributes to any ASP.NET control. This works fine for all controls but not for the checkbox. The very simple solution presented in this post solves this problem. First...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 05-31-2006
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  • ASP CheckBox asp:CheckBox Component Attributes

    As I was few days ago, trying to add some Attributes to the ASP .NET Components ( ListBox , CheckBox ...etc) from the Code Behind, I came to a very " funny " thing about how the ASP.NET is placing the Attributes to the Output HTML Code. If you have sample Default.aspx Page, with following lines...
    Posted to Armin Kalajdzija Posts by Armin Kalajdzija on 05-14-2006
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  • Block specific file type in ASP.NET

    Sometimes it is required to provide a file on your ASP.NET site, which has to be internally used, but it should not be visible to online users. This is mostly a case, when for example some proprietary configuration data has to be persisted. To block some specific file open the web.config file of your...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 04-12-2006
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  • ASP.NET Cache: Strange caching behavior

    I have implemented some piece of ASP.NET code weeks ago. This code uses the cache as shown bellow: Cache.Remove(“My”); Cache.Add(“MyKey”, myObject, null , System.Web.Caching. Cache .NoAbsoluteExpiration, new TimeSpan (0, 60, 0), System.Web.Caching. CacheItemPriority .Default, null ); During testing I...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 04-03-2006
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  • How much network traffic does produce .NET AJAX?

    The AJAX is in the Microsoft world probably a resurrection of the old technology, which become more important in the last year. Shortly, it provides the simple mechanism for invoking of server operations without of need recreate the page. The creation of the page is known as rendering and it is very...
    Posted to Damir Dobric Posts by Damir Dobric on 03-08-2006
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