• GPdotNET v4.0 has been released

    After almost two years of implementation, I am proud to announce the forth version of the Open source project called GPdotNET v4.0. The latest version completely implements Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Network for supervised learning tasks in three kind of problems: regression, binary and multiclass classification. Beside supervised learning
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 02-13-2017
  • Introduction to Microsoft Machine Learning package in Microsoft R Server 9.0

    MicrosoftML package Microsoft has released Microsoft R Server 9.0 (MRS9.0) with very interesting package called MicrosoftML. "Micrsooft ML" stands for Microsoft Machine Learning R package which you can use on R Server. R Server is commercial version of popular R Client distribution, which solves mayor problems when working with R. R Server
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 12-11-2016
  • Using SSH Keys for License generation and validation in .NET Applications

    This blog post is going to present how can you implement license functionality in your .NET application. Providing license in your .NET application is very challenging because there is no standard procedure for the implementation. You are free to use whatever you want. But be notice, there is no license which is 100% safe and cannot be cracked or bypassed
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 12-06-2016
  • Demos and Slides of my session about R and DataScience at ATD12 conference

    Today, I gave session at Advanced Technology Day conference in Zagreb. It was very excited to see full room of people at the presentation, mostly developers from .NET world interesting in R and Data Science. This is good sign that the Data Science and the R are becoming more and more popular at daily basis. Most popularity for the R will bring R Tool
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 11-16-2016
  • GPdotNET v4.0 Beta 3 has been released

    This is the third beta version of the GPdotNET v4.0 which brings new features and continuation of the new set of solvers. Beta 3 introduce Genetic Programming Multi-class Solver (GPMCS). As announced earlier the project has been moved to the GitHUb and can be found at this address: As announced in Beta 1 and Beta
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 10-30-2016
  • Visual Studio vNext new Installer

    The new version of Visual Studio will come with dramatically new installer, which will allow that you install only stuff you need, without gigabytes of unnecessary never used components. Current version of Visual Studio which is Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 is coming with nearly 8GB installation file. This is to much for the installer, you need special
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 07-09-2016
  • Using external config files in .NET applications

    The config file is place where common variables, database connection strings, web page settings and other common stuff are placed. The config file is also dynamic, so you can change the value of the variable in the config file without compiling and deploying the .NET app. In multi tenancy environment config file can be complicate for deployment, because
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 02-08-2016
  • Add EULA to ClickOnce Installation using Visual Studio 2015

    ClickOnce technology is very smart and useful when you want simple, small and smart piece of software for deploying your Windows Forms or WFP application. This is specially useful if you deliver application which doesn't require administrator rights during installation. ClickOnce is very powerful if you wants automatic update of your product, you
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 09-01-2015
  • How to Install Windows 10 on Microsoft Azure

    It is great time Windows 10 is released and there are huge amount of hype everywhere on the internet. I am using Windows 10 from the beginning through the Insider program, and all I can say the Windows 10 is the greatest and the best OS ever made. There are plenty of blog posts and articles about the Windows 10, and everybody who is using previous version
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 07-31-2015
  • Where is Debug – Exception menu option in Visual Studio 2015

    Few days ago Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2015, the long waited release with tons of great features. In the last three years I held several sessions on Microsoft and Community conferences about some of the new feature in Visual Studio 2015, like new C# and VB compiler so called Roslyn, new JIT 64 compiler, Framework 4.6 , native Compiler, as well
    Posted to C# & .NET technologies (Weblog) by Bahrudin on 07-23-2015
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