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VSeWSS: CTP of Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint v1.3 by Adis Jugo

This blog post has moved to a new address . Please read it there .

Defining custom grouping in XCEED Grid .NET by Adis Jugo

Hi all, you all folks who had to deal to XCEED Grid know that a grouping feature through "GroupTemplates" is quite powerful in that grid control. What really bothers is actually quite confusing group titles nomination which Grid automaticaly...
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Managing number of records per page in ActiveReports subreport by Adis Jugo

As in every reporting system, one of the problems that you often meet in DataDynamics ActiveReports is how to control number of records in the subreport that will be displayed on the page. The actual problem I had was following: on a financial document...
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Converting Clarion TPS Date values to normal date fields by Adis Jugo

And now something totally wierd: if anyone has had the task to convert data from Clarion's TPS database files (anyone still remembers Clarion?), (s)he will have a problem of converting date fields. Clarion stores dates as long values in it's own...
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Where are my foreign keys?!?!?!??! by Adis Jugo

If you would ever, from whatever reason, need to check/validate/list foreign keys in the MS SQL 2000/2005 database, here is the magical query you won't find on msdn: SELECT sysforeignkeys.constid, sysforeignkeys.fkeyid, sysforeignkeys.rkeyid, sysobjects...
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Using MySQL in .NET projects: heresy or real possibility by Adis Jugo

Since the last month both Microsoft and MySQL AB have proudly, with lot of bells and whistles, announced their cooperation (MySQL AB has became an Alliance Member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Program) , and since the information on using MySQL...
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