MOSS How To: Create Folder with MetaTags

Hey guys,

if you need a folder which includes MetaTags such as description then you can use this How-To.

First of all you have to create a new Site Content Type:

- Site Settings, under Galleries, click "Site Content Types"

- Click "Create"

- Give a name for this Content Type e.g. Meta Folder

- the parent type is: "Folder Content Types" -> "Folder"

- Click Ok

- Now you can add new or existing columns to this content Type


If you have configured the Content Type then you have to include it in a library.

- Go to your library and select "Actions" -> "Document Library Settings"

- In the Document Library Settings click "Advanced Settings"

- choose "Allow Management of Content Types" and if you want that the New Folder should not be displayed then choose "No" under "Display "New Folder" command on the New menu? "

- After that a new section will be displayed in the Settings page

- Now you can add the newly created Meta Folder, click on " Add from existing site content types"

- Choose Custom Group and now you must see your newly created Meta Folder

- add this content type and click "Ok"


Now the content type will be visible on "New Command". If you want to display the columns of this Content Type then you have to modify the views of the Document Library.




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