Asterisk PBX and Exchange Server 2007

At the Microsoft's Sales@Night conference in Bad Homburg / Germany, about the Upcomming Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, was announced that new version of this Microsoft's Product will fully integrate VoIP with AD and Exchange.

I usually don't attend to such conferences, but this time I wanted to see how are they going to sell new Exchange Server and what are key new features that should improve productivity of end user.

They also admitted that the main reason, why very small number of companies has fully switched to VoIP, are the costs of the VoIP Gateways/Devices and the amount of time needed for implementing the Technology. 
This fact forced me to think if there is any possible solution, how to implement the VoIP and integrate to Exchange without having to buy expencive Hardweare VoIP Gateways and Devices.

Since last night, I am working on Concept of using Asterisk Open Source PBX with Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007 and Live Communication Server 2005.

Few problems came up imediatly after I readed that Asterisk uses SIP over UDP and Exchange (and Live Communication Server) SIP over TCP but there might be some workarounds on this Topic.

As soon as I have some results on this "Research", I will be posting it here.


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# Rick North said:

Hi Armin,

Have you had any luck following up with your research?

I'm trying to integrate Asterisk with Exchange and LCS 2005 and have found a few links but they only talk about integrating them separately. There's a tutorial on linking up Exchange using sipX:

And one for LCS using SER:

Monday, September 10, 2007 4:58 PM

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