Multiple *.vsmdi Files while running tests or manipulating TestList

Hey Guys,

We have one Testsolution which drives us crazy.

Because everytime a user is running a test or manipulating the Testlist (add, delete or edit) a new vsmdi File has been created and added to the solution.

For this bug there are several workarounds or resolutions. The following help us:

After a new vsmdi File has been created from VS 2008 go to the Source Control Explorer and make a lock (checkout - prevent other users from checking out and checking in) on the Solution.

Delete the newly created vsmdi file and add the old one. The last step is to check in the Solution.

Every Team Member should get the latest version of this solution and now they should be able to manipulate the Testlist and run tests without getting a new vsmdi file.



Posted Jan 20 2009, 09:28 AM by Nadine Storandt
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