Removing Drop Off Library SharePoint 2010

Hey guys,

if you want to delete a "Drop Off Library" follow the steps below:

1. Download SharePoint Manager from codeplex 

2. Extract the files on the SharePoint Server and Start the exe with 'Run as Administrator'

3. Then navigate to the 'Drop Off Library' which you want to delete

4. Select on the Property Page 'Allow Deletion' and set it to TRUE

5. Now go back to the SharePoint portal and the 'Drop Off Library'

6. Select Document Library Settings and now there should be the option 'Delete this Library'


nadine :)

Posted Oct 22 2010, 12:09 PM by Nadine Storandt
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Oliver Amandi wrote re: Removing Drop Off Library SharePoint 2010
on 02-17-2011 12:08

This works just fine and the manager tool is okay.

Now I have another problem.

The 2010 manager does not display all sites I have set up.

It displays the initial HOME only . Not the new ones whcih were set up later under HOME

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