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21.NOV.2019 - 17.30-20.00h


DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
Am DFS-Campus 7
63225 Langen
Check-In at Gate 1 (Tor 1)
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Dear members of Azure Meetup Frankfurt, we are happy to announce our next meetup in cooperation with Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, IoT Hessen Meetup and GFU Cyrus AG (the IT training company).

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is responsible for air traffic control
(ATC) over German sky and it ensures safety for manned aviation for
over 25 years. Learn how the cloud is shaping air traffic control of
the future in the following talks:


By Tim Gesekus & Jan Fiegert - DFS

Learning to fail (and trying again). Architecture evolution of a
modern ATC training system. Meet our technology stack and learn how we lifted a 20+ year old system into the cloud.

How the Cloud makes the Skies Safe

By Kristijan Caprdja - DFS

A new era is dawning for the DFS with unmanned robotic vehicles
seeking their place in the sky. Drones are everywhere! And they need
assistance! Find out how DFS utilizes cloud technologies to create
safe and efficient environment for all traffic participants. Get a taste of
the future!

Kubernetes on Azure – an overview of Azure services, resources and best practices

By Ricardo Machado & Heyko Oelrichs - Microsoft

Azure Kubernetes Services is one of the fastest growing services in Microsoft Azure history and is helping customer transform their applications and processes.
This session will provide an overview of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services and is intended to guide customers on deploying and operating Kubernetes on their environments using DevOps best practices.
Customers will gain a better understanding of the scope of options provided by Microsoft, the available resources, roadmap and support options available and gain confidence in deploying and operating Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.


To attend the event, you will have to as usual register at the meetup site or by cooperation partner.

Additionally, you MUST send an e-mail to:
with the following subject: Meetup2019
The mail must contain your fist name, last name and your birthdate.
On check-in at DFS you will have to provide your personal ID, which has to match to data provide in your registration e-mail.


Jan Fiegert is a senior software developer at the research and
development department of German Air Navigation Services (DFS). He
graduated from CNAM (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) with
a master’s degree in computer science. In the early years of his
career, he worked in the financial industry, developing various stock
and derivative trading applications. Jan joined DFS in 2007 and since
then has been developing air traffic control simulation software for
prototyping, training, research and development. Currently he is
focusing on designing a web-based and cloud-hosted application for air
traffic control training.

Tim Gesekus is head of software development at the R&D department at DFS. He has over 20 years of experience in ATC software development and a few years as a system administrator. Tim joined the DFS in 2002 and has been since working in the domain of enroute simulators. In recent years development shifted to cloud based system running on kubernetes and azure.

Kristijan Caprdja is a team lead and software engineer with the
Systems House Unit of the DFS. He has over 20 years of experience in
ATC software development and has mainly focused on development of
systems for tower applications such as flight plan and radar data
processing. Kristijan joined the German Air Traffic Control (DFS) in
2002 and has been since working in domains of flight plan data
processing, radar applications, data communication link, middleware
and distributed systems, and database design both as a software
engineer initially and as a team leader and project manager in
subsequent years. Currently he is focusing on designing cloud-based
drone management systems.

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