Error when deploying IoTEdge on Windows

If you execute following command to deploy IoTEdge on Windows, you might get the error shown below:

 . {Invoke-WebRequest -useb} | Invoke-Expression; Deploy-IoTEdge

The container host is on unsupported build version 18362.
Please use a container host running one of the following build versions for running Windows containers:

The prerequisites for installation of the IoT Edge Security daemon are not met. Please fix all known issues before rerunning this script.

This error indicates that IoTEdge cannot be deployed on your Windows 10. However you can deploy IoTEdge to Linux container hosted on Windows10. This is very common scenario for develoment and testing purposes.

Following command shows how to do that:

 . {Invoke-WebRequest -useb} | Invoke-Expression; Deploy-IoTEdge -ContainerOs Linux

If all works fine, you will see something like this:

Docker is running.
WARNING: Linux containers on Windows can be used for development and testing, but are not supported in production IoT Edge deployments. See for more details.
The container host is on supported build version 18362.
Skipping VC Runtime installation because it is already installed.
Downloading IoT Edge...
Using IoT Edge from C:\Users\DAMIRD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
To complete the installation, run "Initialize-IoTEdge".

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