Machine Learning for .NET Developers

This week I will talk about Machine Learning for .NET developers. Sinse a few years, Microsoft Product groups are working on integration of a powerfull Machine Learning "algorithm set" directly into .NET core. Many people asked me "Why do we need ML for .NET"? "Why not Python,.."?. This is the right event to discuss such strategic questions.


Here is the agenda.
We will start with some theoretical background. Then we will talk about how to use PaaS to easily build solutions which leverage power of Machine Learning. After all we will ill step over to coding and show how to build applications with ML.NET. All this will not make you become a Data Scientist. But, the good thing, you don't have to be a Data Scientist. The focus of this session is how to build the software with ML and C#.
You will learn how to use algorithms and how to use pre-trained algorithms (i.E. Tensor Flow) to solve real-world problems. It is good to know about all math behind, but it is not required.

Why .NET?

And yes, it is important to have such framework inside of .NET. It is not about making ML.NET the major platform over Python, R and Co. It is more about how the software industry works. In the real world, we (developers & Co.) have many problems to solve. My tool-set and tool-set of millions of developers out there is .NET.
When we make an application we put on table many, many requirements, which we need to solve. And one of them might be solved by using of some ML algorithm. As long this algorithm can be externally consumed, you can use more or less any technology to solve the problem.
But in many cases, you cannot. You are sometimes pressed to integrate an algorithm as a class or function directly into your binaries. In such cases the only way is to stay on your platform. If that is 'A' your will not use binary of 'B'. So, I stay in .NET.
Last but not least, if you have a team which has a knowledge of .NET, you can build applications for Web, Mobile, HoloLens, Backend, IoT, etc., etc..

This is why I use .NET. Single platform for everything. So, why to learn another language if I have now ML.NET.


Many thanks to GFU to make this event happen. Also thanks to Microsoft Azure Meetup Frankfurt and Microsoft Azure Meetup Cologne.


Feel welcome:
Tuesday, January 28, 2020
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Hosted by: Microsoft cologne, Holzmarkt 2, 50676 Köln

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