How to get the function key of the Azure Function?

Sometimes you will need the function key to build the function URL of the Azure Function that needs to e to invoked from your code. This is especially interesting when building Azure Devops pipelines.

This are few useful examples:

Query string of the AZ command    Comment
--------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------
functionKeys.default              Show the value of default field.
functionKeys                      Show the value of functionKeys field.
masterKey                         Show the value of masterKey field.
systemKeys.durabletask_extension  Show the value of durabletask_extension field.
systemKeys                        Show the value of systemKeys field.


If you want the function key, please execute the following command:

az functionapp keys list -g RG -n myfunc --query functionKeys.default

And what now?

After you have the key, you will also need the function URL.

az functionapp function show --name cpdm-func-interfaces-test --resource-group RG-CPDM-TEST --function-name AutoGenFunction --query invokeUrlTemplate

The final invokatione secure URLcan be concatened from the URL and the KEY:{brandId}/{operation}/{number}?code=KEY

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