What if "Semantic search is not enabled for this service."?

When consuming the Azure OpenAI service, following error might occure:

{"error": {"requestid": "194182cc-cdc0-400a-8914-87c3e6fd7fe2", "code": 400, "message": "An error occurred when calling Azure Cognitive Search: Azure Search Error: 400, message='Server responded with status 400. Error message: {"error":{"code":"FeatureNotSupportedInService","message":"Semantic search is not enabled for this service.\\r\\nParameter name: queryType","details":[{"code":"SemanticQueriesNotAvailable","message":"Semantic search is not enabled for this service."}]}}', url=URL('https://host.search.windows.net/indexes/semantic-index-with-embeddings/docs/search?api-version=2023-07-01-Preview')\nCall to Azure Search instance failed.\nAPI Users: Please ensure you are using the right instance, index_name and provide admin_key as the api_key.\n"}}

The error happens if the Semantic Plan is NOT activated in the cognitive search servide. To enable the plan, plese select the Semantic Ranker and then activate the plan.


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