Visual Studio 2015 spams fiddler

Since I used Visual Studio 2015 with fiddler I recognized it is not usable anymore and I was wondering why. I landed up on the fact that the diagnostic debugging feature from Visual Studio 2015 is spamming fiddler with request to localhost.
The problem is relativly new because before System.Net seemed to ignore the proxy settings for localhost.
Now that you know these facts, you could just disable the diagnostic debugging tool and work as before. BUT and It’s in capitacal because it is a very big BUT you should definitly try to work with the diagnostic debugging feature because it is very handy and can save you much debugging time. I will create a seperate blogpost about it next week Smiley .
Ok can we shouldn’t disable diagnostic debugging but how can we use fiddler again?
The solution: Fiddler Rules.
To use them navigiate to Rules –> FIddler Rules. FIddler will ask you if you want to install syntax highlighting, but we don’t need this for this simple change.
FIddler will open his rules in your default notepad.
Now navigate to the OnBeforeResponse function and add this this if statement to the function:

if ("localhost:49155"){
    oSession["ui-hide"] = "true";

When you are done the function should look like this (the new part is highlighted):

Stay tuned for a small introduction into the Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Debugging feature.

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