BOT Service and AI Jumpstarts

Azure BOT Service is intelligent BOT service, which scales on demand and accelerates massively development of BOTs.It runs in App Service plan or in Consumption Plan similarly to Azure Serverless offerings for Azure Functions.

It is a remarkapble peace of platfrom , which integrates various technologies from Artifficial Intelligence Area around Cognitive Services.

This post recaps most important resources fro developing of BOTS and related Cognitive Service in Azure.

BOTS Official Documentation

BOT Service
About BOT Framework
BOT Builder SDK for .NET
BOT Builder on GIT

AI developer botcamps

Following is the list of AI related bootcamps.

  1. Intro
  2. Bots
  3. Language
  4. Knowledge
  5. Speech
  6. Vision
  7. CNTK

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