ClickOnce on GitHub

I spend almost one day for ClickOnce in GitHub, I googled but I did not get any clear solution for this, I am really happy at last I have successfully done it. I am going to share how to push ClickOne in GitHub step by step -

Step-1 Properties

Right-Click on Project -> Properties

Step-2 Installation URL

Select Publish tab from project property and give Installation Folder URL and Update location[account_name]/[repo_name]/[branch]/[solution_name]/[project_name]/publish/
For example -

Step-3 Certificate

From project property click Signing tab and select “Sign the ClickOnce manifests”
Before pushing you have to complete Step-4 and Step-5

Step-4 Edit .gitignore

You have to include publish directory with your Git repository, it means simply delete “publish/” from the Git ignore file or explicitly allow the publish directory for Git repository by adding !publish/ to Git ignore file

Step-5 Edit .gitattributes

In .gitattributes allow Git with all line endings of the ClickOnce deployment files.

*.manifest binary
*.application binary
*.deploy binary

More details about Dealing with line endings.

Step-6 Publish

Click “Publish Wizard” from project property for publishing if you have new version just click “Publish Now”

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