Vista blues with Visual Studio 2005

Yes, I know – Visual Studio 2005 is not yet supported under Vista.
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 for Vista is not yet out and only then it is promised that it will be supported. But I am getting my doubts it will work smoothly after SP1 is released. Too much is not quite right.
Simple things are often a pain, productivity has gone down, everybody in the team on the Vista bandwagon can sing about this. 

Still, a developer who wants to be on the edge has no choice to do this even unsupported to gain the experiences now that he/she needs tomorrow, so I think it is time to share our pains.

See how creative Vista get´s in making our VS 2005 user experience so Aero, we can only fly away.

VS 2005 Vista blues

Check out the attachment below for an even more interactive experience.

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