.NET Services SDK March 2009 CTP and ASP.NET MVC RTM

Microsoft finally released a new CTP of the .NET Services SDK, the March 2009 CTP

Personally, I think it is a very noteworthy release since it now allows for the first time to develop full blown applications in the Workflow Services part of it:

Now you can activate workflows from an external source, now you can receive messages from the Service Bus and because we have the while-loop, this basically allows all possible algorithms to be implemented in WF for “Cloud” (basically Turing-complete if they had no quotas/size restrictions for workflow definitions).

Since I blogged extensively about the workflow part of BizTalk Services (how .NET Services were called before PDC08) and there was not much new in the workflow part of .NET Services compared to BizTalk Services until now, I was silent about this also. But this will cause me to revisit .NET Services. Stay tuned.


The other noteworthy release is already a few weeks old:


This is a big thing since it can change the way we write ASP.NET applications quite a bit.


Fellow readers: I have been offline for too long. Big changes happened that kept me more than just busy. And a lot of stuff I have been dealing with was stuff I was not allowed to talk about.

Posted Apr 01 2009, 01:40 PM by Andreas Erben
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