Careful with DAEMON TOOLS 4.08 (SPTD 1.39) on VISTA

I usually like DAEMON TOOLS to mount ISO images.

However, I am using Vista, so things sometimes have to be re-evaluated.
At least for me, using DAEMON TOOLS 4.08 (SPTD 1.39) resulted in endless crashes with reboots after installation.
DAEMON TOOLS itself is not really to "blame" here, but rather it is the SPTD 1.39.

I found however, that for me the previous version works well under Vista.
So, try to find "SPTDinst-v138-x86.exe" and a Version of "daemon408-x86.exe" that works with SPTD 1.38. (Please do not ask me for sending you the software, those questions will just be deleted.)

For those who have problems getting rid of SPTD, I found this script which I will share, that you can use AT YOUR OWN RISK.
(Rememer to run elevated!)

@echo off
set sptd.sys=%windir%\system32\drivers\sptd.sys
cacls "%sptd.sys%" /G Everyone:F
attrib -r -s -h "%sptd.sys%"
del /f "%sptd.sys%"
sc delete sptd

I should also mention that Scott found a tool (MagicISO) that seems to work well on Vista.
It is not surprising that Alcohol 120% that Scott was talking about, can also cause Vista troubles, since Alcohol 120%, like DAEMON TOOLS also uses SPTD.

Posted Feb 21 2007, 11:03 PM by Andreas Erben
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