Legoboto: hajimemashou, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, sensor eventing

In the previous posts I offered some sample code for motor movement and dealing with sensors of the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT product used with Bram Fokke's .NET API NXT#.

One important feature of the API was not covered before: Eventing

For each sensor you can register an event handler for when the data of the event handler changes. This implies that you poll the data from the sensor of course.

Here is the sample code:

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;

using Bram.NxtSharp;


namespace LegoNxtConsoleSample


    class Program


        const string c_BluetoothComPort = "COM4";



        static void pressureSensorValueChangedEventHandler(NxtSensor sensor)


            if (sensor is NxtPressureSensor)


                NxtPressureSensor pressureSensor = (NxtPressureSensor)sensor;

                Console.Write("Pressure rawvalue:" + pressureSensor.RawValue + " means that sensor is ");

                if (pressureSensor.IsPressed)



                    Console.WriteLine("not pressed");




                Console.WriteLine("Problem: NxtPressureSensure expected but not received");




        static void SensorEventingDemo()


            Console.WriteLine("pressure sensor eventing demo, running for 30 seconds");

            NxtBrick brick = new NxtBrick();

            brick.COMPortName = c_BluetoothComPort;

            brick.AutoPoll = true;

            NxtPressureSensor pressureSensor = new NxtPressureSensor();

            pressureSensor.AutoPoll = true;

            pressureSensor.AutoPollDelay = 50;

            pressureSensor.Brick = brick;

            brick.Sensor1 = pressureSensor;

            pressureSensor.ValueChanged += new SensorEvent(pressureSensorValueChangedEventHandler);

            //best practice: connect all sensors and motors first







        static void Main(string[] args)








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