PDC07 "rescheduled" rant

I cannot express the amount of frustration that hit me when it was made public that the PDC07 is to be "rescheduled". Even though I received the info one day earlier than the regular public, it was too late anyway.

Did Microsoft just realize what the release dates of their new technologies would be and what they have lined up? Announcing the "rescheduling" so late means for developers and partners like us that quite a bit of our schedule for this year is messed up. We cannot just re-plan everything to visit other conferences or even go to TechEd in the summer. After all, the majority of our time is dedicated to our customers.

Furthermore we are not the only folks who already had their travel planned, plane tickets and hotel booked, because of knowing from experience how bad it can get when you try to book late. So, thank you so much for wasting our money.

Please Microsoft, act as professional as you expect us partners to be.

Posted May 25 2007, 06:30 AM by Andreas Erben
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