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  • Learning WCF in 16 hours

    Please do not think that it is possible to learn WCF in 16 hours only. This post relates to series of 16 webcasts (each one hour), which helps you to understand Windows Communication Foundation. MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom...
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  • Klingons go SOA

    Few weeks ago we discussed about SOA in universe and found out that Borg's civilization could be a good Hub-And-Spoke example of an Enterprise Service Bus. But, let's look at the other side of universe and dive in the world of Klingons. One Klingon...
  • MEX Ednpoint in CardSpace

    By using or implementing of some Security Token Service (according to WS-Trust) it might sound strange that the MEX endpoint has to be always HTTPS based. However, the fact is that the communication with STS does not have to be necessarily based on HTTPS...
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  • “Keyset not found” error

    By using of CardSpace in the Web application scenario, the ASP.NET application is required to decrypt the stream sent by browser. In other words, when the user is required to select the card, the card information is encrypted (with server's public...
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  • Directory Security and Access Rules

    This post contains one example which shows how to deal with the Access Control Lists by using of .NET 2.0. It enlists all access rules from the specified folder. Additionally, this example shows how to remove the access control rule of the specified account...
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  • Visual Studio 2005 Image Library

    If you need to create nice images, you should take a look on the VS image library.This is ultimative collection images that appear in Windows, Office, Visual Studio etc. Take a look at this link and discover more than 1000 images.
  • Error Handling in AJAX

    Each ASP.NET 2.0 page, which enables AJAX callback, has to implement the interface ICallbackEventHandler . There are many articles which briefly describes how to do that. My intension is not to repeat the well known story. I would rather focus error handling...
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  • Administrative Closing of device connection

    The BizTalk-RFID infrastructure is designed to allow one connection at time only. This seems to be a bad design decision, but it is not. This is a really good design, because devices are individual hardware units, which mostly can deal with one task only...
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  • SOA Total DEMO

    This year I presented many times WCF and SOA. My experience was and still is, that many people did not really understand what SOA is. More details about this you can see in this post called " Don't let Technocrats to occupy SOA ". Related...
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  • Deploying and Debugging of custom DSPI

    By developing of the custom Device Service Provider Interface, you will be required many times to re-install the the provider. For example, you deploy one version and find some bug, which has to be fixed. After fixing of the bug, the new version has to...
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  • MOSS Enterprise Search WebCasts

    If you are looking for a enterprise search content related to MOSS search technology I recommend following links: Plan and deploy search across the Enterprise Microsoft Search Solutions for the Enterprise – Technical Overview Microsoft Search Solutions...
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  • Microsoft and Enterprise Search Q&A

    What is Consistent Search? Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 now use a common implementation of Microsoft Search. This means that the search experience is consistent across both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows...
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  • Windows Enterprise Search Syntax

    Few months ago I posted few examples which describe how to make usage of desktop search. This post contains a short description of different search syntaxes supported by MOSS Enterprise Search. How to search by using of keywords? Simple term Keyword with...
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  • WCF Designer

    From time to time there are people who discussing about something called WCF designer. So I decided to write a short post about it. First for all those who expect a new cool feature in .NET it is important to know, that WCF Designer currently does not...
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