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  • MSDN Webcasts

    Webcast: Working with Windows Communication Foundation (Level 200) Monday, October 01, 2007 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Pacific Time Mike Benkovich, MSDN Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
  • Writing of data to RFID tag

    By using of BizTalk RFID additionally to asynchronous event processing the provided API allows one to deal synchronously with devices. More about this framework can be read here . Following example shows how to write a number of bytes to the tag. public...
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  • Rfid Commands in DSPI provider

    While implementing a DSPI provider, I was often asking myself what commands are predefined in RFID SDK. To make it clear, the command is any class implicitly derived from Command class and can/should be processed (executed) in the asynchrony method SendMessage...
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  • Microsoft RFID Provider Error

    Few days ago I implemented one DSPI provider. Everything was working fine. Today I came back to my office and tried to deploy some new provider. Unfortunately the deployment of the provider failed with some strange error. After that I tried to redeploy...
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  • Reading of specific Configuration file

    The configuration file can be usually read by using of ConfigurationManager . For example, to load the application configuration file following code can be used: Configuration cfg = ConfigurationManager .OpenExeConfiguration( ConfigurationUserLevel .None...
  • Announcing TechEd-07 session: "Microsoft RFID@Work"

    Microsoft BizTalk RFID is an open platform that enables industry vendors to develop RFID and sensor solutions on the .NET platform. In the yesterday’s release of BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Microsoft is shipping an innovative device management and event processing...
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  • Microsoft BizTalk RFID goes Live

    On Tuesday Sept. 11 2007, Microsoft launched BizTalk RFID in Taiwan. Microsoft Taiwan held a launch seminar to highlight the integration of RFID, SOA , and EDI with BizTalk Server 2006 R2. After the launch series in Taiwan, Microsoft Global Headquarters...
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  • Mobility Day Zagreb 2007

    At Sept. 11. 2007 I will talk at Mobility Day in Zagreb about new communication possibilities around WCF. Here is a short snapshoot: What is new in WCF? Invoking of Service Operations as Web-Methods, explanation of new binding, factory and operation behaviors...
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  • Syndication API for .NET Compact Framework

    Few weeks ago Microsoft announced the APLHA version of “ BizTalk Services ”. Small part of the package implemented in the new assembly System.ServiceModel.Web is related to features called " WCF Web Programming" . One interesting example which...
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  • WCF Proxy usage and Message styling

    WCF tools like SVCUTIL builds powerful proxy classes which hide all messaging details from developer. In this post I would like to show step by step three variants of invoking of one service operation. When you have a proxy class: The first one is very...
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  • WebGet and WebInvoke

    WCF 3.5 introduces two new operation behaviors : WebGet and WebPut . I wouldn't declare this as revolutionary feature, but definitely as an important one. To explain new behaviors Imagine you have a contract like this one: [ ServiceContract ] public...
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  • SOA Thinking presentation

    Here you can download the Power Point presentation, which contains my favorite slides related to Service Oriented Architectures. The presentation is created for people who do not have deep technical skills, but it is also useful for many developers who...
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  • About Windows Vista SP1

    Since November 2006 (official release of Vista) Microsoft has added 700.000 new device types in the operative system. Currently Windows Vista should support about 2 millions devices. I have a feeling that I’m just pure guy, who do not have any (or almost...
  • Managing Debugging Assistant (MDA - RCW)

    Few months ago, Scott described how to stop managed debugging assistance in Visual Studio in a case of ContextSwitchDeadlock. Now, from day to day I’m experiencing another frustrating Dialog which pop-ups following message: “An attempt has been made to...
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  • Loosing of performance on Service Layer

    Loosing of performance on Service Layer Category WCF The architecture one modern application in this century requires the usage of service layer, which ensure the service orientation. Many people think that such architecture is theoretically nice, but...
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