CabFilePacker for creating InfoPath CAB files

Today I am presenting you a tool which helps you to create an InfoPath (.XSN) file. When you want to edit the manifest.xsf file or any other file in an Infopath form you need to unpack theese files and then edit them. After they were edited I had the problem to pack those into an InfoPath file again. In this blogpost I showed how to do this with makecab.exe which is shipped with Visual Studio. This method works like charm and maybe you ask yourself why to download a tool for this task. The reason is: You don’t have to put all filenames in the script which makecab.exe executes.

CabFilePacker adds all files in the specified folder into a CAB file and then renames the file to InfoPath.xsn. The tool is really easy to use. Just download the files, start and enter the path of the folder.

Download links:
Executable (OneDrive):
SourceCode (Visual Studio 2013 Project):

Posted Jul 16 2015, 07:56 PM by Holger Vetter
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Hello, last year I blogged about building an InfoPath files from before extracted manifest file ( http is a .Net Community Blog powered by daenet GmbH.