Raspberry Pi Windows 10 IoT Core - How to find isolated storage of your application?


While working on IoT projects, if you are using Windows 10 IoT Core, things can be really painful sometimes. There are advantages and disadvantages of using Windows 10IoT Core. Advantage being you can apply most of your Windows knowledge in some way to Windows 10 IoT Core. The bad thing a lot of times it is the same but the different and that confusion makes your life hell. It recently happened with me when I used Isolated Storage on Raspberry Pi in my project and it took me 2 hours to find the path of it. So if anybody is wondering with the same question, here is where it lies.

The isolated storage lies inside Package folder of your app. Every app that is installed on Windows OS creates an app package. On normal Windows machines, your app packages are installed at C drive at your user account inside AppData\Local. The Path looks something like -


And inside this lies your package inside which you can access the isolated storage files.

On Windows 10 IoT Core however you have two “Users” folders, one is directly on the root level and another is inside the Data folder. If you try to find inside Users folder you still go to packages folder, but you will not find anything in there. To go to app packages you have to go inside Data\Users folder and then select “DefaultAccount” which is a hidden folder. This DefaultAccount then has a similar path as of Windows machine. The path looks like this -


The GUID inside packages folder is your app folder and inside local state you can access isolated storage.

I hope it helps Smile

Posted Sep 14 2017, 09:04 AM by Indraneel Pole
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