WSS and MOSS SP1 Announced

 The definitive date for the SP1 of Office 2007, WSS and MOSS has announced. It will be available for download on December 11, 2007.

InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath Forms Server
Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2007 benefits from a more consistent user experience, especially with online forms.

  • When users input data into an Office InfoPath 2007 form using a Web browser, the saved changes are now retained after closing and reopening the form.
  • Font size no longer increases when pasting from one rich text box in Office InfoPath 2007 to another.

SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 has improved stability and usability, especially in the area of enterprise search.

  • When the Enable Self-Service Site Creation setting is on, users can now create MySite sites without errors.
  • Advanced search results now include results with spaces in file names.
  • The View by Modified Date function now works correctly in search results.
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007 is now able to crawl case-sensitive Web content on computers not running the Windows® operating system.
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007 can now index a public folder on a Microsoft Exchange Server with a backslash in the subject.

Posted Dec 06 2007, 10:39 AM by Nadine Storandt
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