MOSS: Win 2008 & IIS 7 503 Service unavailable

Hey guys,

In an test enviroment i ran through the following the problem:


- Windows Server 2008 64Bit

- SharePoint 2007 64Bit configured as a dedicated Index server

After some changes in the Configuration such as SearchService, SSP etc I made an restart of the server. After the restart either the central admin nor the portal itself was reachable! I always get an 503 Error. So I have a look at the EventLog and saw an error message that the App Pool has been stopped!

So I take a look at IIS 7 Manger and start the AppPool again. After i take another try to reach the portal the AppPool has crashed again.

I tried to create a simple WebPage but this was also not working, the default app pool is crashed

So I take a brainstorm what changes I made and which of them can cause the problem. After a while of searching with google I found the following post of Jeff MacLeod. This post takes me to right way -- thanks a lot for this!!!

So here are the steps to workaround this problem:

- First of all disable IPv6 in registry

  • start -> run -> regedit -> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters]
  • create a new DWord "DisabledComponent" and Value "FF"
  • restart the Server

- Navigate to the Host File (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts)

  • There u must find an entry which look likes fe80::1451:3968:5b73:2978    ServerName # Added by Office SharePoint Server Search 
  • Delete this entry

- Restart the Server again (Every SharePoint service has to be restarted)

- Now the portal should be available again.




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