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  • MOSS: Win 2008 & IIS 7 503 Service unavailable

    Hey guys, In an test enviroment i ran through the following the problem: Enviroment: - Windows Server 2008 64Bit - SharePoint 2007 64Bit configured as a dedicated Index server After some changes in the Configuration such as SearchService, SSP etc I made an restart of the server. After the restart either...
    Posted to Nadine's Posts by Nadine Storandt on 10-29-2009
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  • Set max upload size for IIS7 web applications

    If you want to set the maximum request size, e.g. to define the maximum size for file uploads, you can use the way described in this post: (thanks to Nadine) This command line tool just adds a new node...
    Posted to Andreas Lehmann by alehmann on 06-24-2009
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  • MOSS Set Max Upload Size on IIS 7

    Hey guys, I ran through a new problem with MOSS and IIS 7. If you configure your Max Upload Size in the Web Application Generell Settings, this has no affect for the upload size. If you try to set this to e.g. 200 MB and then try to upload a file which has a size of e.g. 100 MB, you get a HTTP Error...
    Posted to Nadine's Posts by Nadine Storandt on 04-24-2009
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  • MOSS Debugging IIS7 get Application Pool Id

    Hey guys, if you debug a MOSS application on the server its always necessary to know which w3wp processId should be used for debugging. With iis6 it was simple only open command prompt and enter iisapp, but in IIS7 this script does not exists anymore. So how could we find out which ID the AppPool has...
    Posted to Nadine's Posts by Nadine Storandt on 04-01-2009
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