Moving of the schema form Windows Forms 2.0 application to ASP.NET 2.0

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Moving of the schema form Windows Forms 2.0 application to ASP.NET 2.0


Problem Description


Assume you created the project based on project template Windows Forms application. Assume also that this project contains one schema (Dataset).

The dataset in ASP.NET 2.0 application contains by default the description for adapter for each defined table in the dataset.


Now, of you want to import such dataset in the other application of project type Web service (or just web application) the web application will not build.




The problem is that the XSD file describing the schema embeds connection string information, which is used for adapters.


Following code snippet shows how this information is created in the dataset generated by WindowsForms application:


          <Connection AppSettingsObjectName="Settings"              





Name="MyConnectionString (Settings)"                    ParameterPrefix="@PropertyReference="ApplicationSettings.MyProject.Properties.Settings.GlobalReference.Default.MyConnectionString" Provider="System.Data.SqlClient">



When you move the dataset file to the web application (designer file is not required), the specified connection string cannot be found in the application settings and the solution will not build.


To solve the problem, open the XSD file after importing in the web application and change the connection as shown bellow:



AppSettingsObjectName="web.config" AppSettingsPropertyName="MyConnectionString"          ConnectionStringObject="" IsAppSettingsProperty="True" Modifier="Assembly" Name="MyConnectionString (Settings)"            ParameterPrefix="@" PropertyReference="AppConfig.System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.0.ConnectionStrings.MyConnectionString.ConnectionString" Provider="System.Data.SqlClient"/>


To understand what here happen, I recommend creating of two projects. One of type WindowsForms-project and one ASP.NET project. Create one very simple schema in both of them and look for differences between ConnectionString settings.

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