Windows VISTA: What iss new?

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From the management point of view, folling features could be declared as important:

·     New Security Features – Improved firewall, Windows Service Hardening and Internet Explorer Enhancements.

·     Deployment - Windows Vista reduces the complexity, time, and cost of desktop deployment.

·     Visualize, Search, and Organize Information - Windows Vista has amazing information management capabilities that enable users to find documents, e-mail messages, and other information in seconds and then to work with that data in ways that are most intuitive to them.

·     Easy Sharing – Windows Vista enables two or more users to connect directly with one another to share files, applications, nearby projectors, or an Internet connection.

·     Improved Performance - Windows Vista can recover from Sleep in few seconds, a capability known as Fast Startup.

·     Reliability - Windows Vista includes fixes for known hangs and crashes, and new technology that will prevent many common causes of hangs and crashes.

·     User Interface - Windows Vista's user interface, code-named AERO is easier to navigate, thereby making users more productive than with Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows. 

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