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Both sessions will be presented in Croatian language. Note that all power point slides will be in English.

If there are attendees in the session, who do not understand the native language of the south Europe, we could possibly switch to English :)


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About conference by Damir Tomicic and Neno Loje.


I’m glad to se you in Opatija at WinDays.


15:30 - 16:20Razvoj (future technologies)
Windows FileSystem (WinFS) (300)
 Hotel Grand, hall Lavanda  

Damir Dobrić, DAENET

PowerPoint slides 


What is WinFS motivation? Why do we need it? What is WinFS? Theory:  Items, data organization, relations and many other new terms. I will try to show as many examples as possible.



11:20 - 12:10

Napredno programiranje (Advanced Programmi)
Alati za testiranje u VSTS-u (300) (VSTS Testing tools)

 Hotel Grand, hall Lavanda  


Damir Dobrić, DAENET

PowerPoint slides




Experienced developer skill required. The advantage of this session is that most IT managers found it very interesting and useful.

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