Terminator Event Handler for Microsoft RFID infrastructure

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There are lots of scenarios in the world of RFID, which require sophisticated testing. If the preferred system is based on the Microsoft RFID infrastructure, then event handler concept probably plays an important role.

That means all read tags are processed in the event handler pipeline. This pipeline consists of one or more event handlers (assembly derived from RfidEventHandlerBase).


By investigating of some problem, sometimes you are not sure what exactly happens in the pipeline. To solve such kind of problems, personally, I attach to the RfidService and set the breakpoint at the suspected location in the suspected assembly. Unfortunately, this has two disadvantages. First, you do not have always the code and time to debug the application. Second, it is necessary to know where to set the breakpoint, even if you have the source code.


For this reason I implemented the event handler (Terminator Event handler), which could be helpful for RFID developers to solve problems in the pipeline.


The Terminator Event handler has following features:


  • It provides tracing in debug console
  • It provides persisting of serialized messages in the specified folder.
  • It provides either terminating of processing of the event or passing of the event to the next handler in the pipeline.


The assembly Daenet.Rfid.TerminatorlHandler implementing the handler can be downloaded here.

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