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By connecting to SAP from BizTalk SAP Adapter I was a little confused by choosing of right parameters like: client, system, r3 name, message server etc.


This was a reason to dig deeper in the SAPManagementAdapter namespace.  This namespace contains classes responsible for establishing of connection to SAP. Without of any explanation I just posted optimized code, which shows how SAP Connector internally treats some of configuration parameters.


private static void connectToSAP()
                string connStr1 = "ASHOST={0} SYSNR={1} CLIENT={2} LANG={3} USER={4} PASSWD={5}";
                string connStr2 = "ASHOST={0} R3NAME={1} CLIENT={2} GROUP={3} USER={4} PASSWD={5}";

                string srvHost = "..";
                string sysNum = "46";
                string client = "100";
                string language = "EN";
                string msgSrv = null;
                string logonGroup = null;
                string r3Name = null;

                string userName = "***";
                string pwd = "***";

                string text1 = string.Empty;
                if (srvHost != null)
                    text1 = String.Format(connStr1, srvHost, sysNum, client, language, userName, pwd);
                    if (msgSrv == null)
                        throw new Exception("Could not for a valid connection string");

                    text1 = String.Format(connStr2, msgSrv, r3Name, client, logonGroup, userName, pwd);

                SAPConnection connection1 = new SAPConnection(text1);
            catch (Exception exception1)
                throw exception1;

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