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Items containing angela, ANGELA, Angela, or any other combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.


angela merkel

Items containing both angela and merkel, but not necessarily in that order.


angela NOT smith

Items containing angela, but not smith.


angela OR smith

Items containing angela, smith, or both.


"angela merkel" Items containing the exact phrase angela merkel.


angela hasattachment:true

Items that have attachments containing angela.


angela isattachment:true

Items that are attachments containing angela.


angela date:yesterday

Items containing angela whose date is yesterday.

Desktop Search also recognizes the follow date values:


Relative dates: For example, today, tomorrow, yesterday

Multi-word relative dates: For example, this week, next month, last week, past month, coming year

Days: Sunday, Monday ... Saturday

Months: January, February ... December


angela date:last year


angela date:this year


angela date:last month




Items created by someone whose name contains angela.


author:"angela merkel" Items created by angela merkel.


subject:"angela merkel" Items whose subject contains the phrase angela merkel.


subject:angela merkel

Items with angela in the subject line and with smith anywhere else in the document.



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