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Few days ago Berd introduced his opinion related to SOA. I think he is right. SOA seems to be occupied by developers and architects. Personally, I would be glad if more managers would start to think about it. Why do they don’t do it, it is a secret to me.
On the other side, last week on WindDays I was trying in my speech to address many misunderstandings related to SOA from the point of view of developers. In my opinion, technically oriented people think, they would know too much about SOA. This is a very dangerous fiction.
On the other side, managers often do not see difference between words “SOA” and “heee?”

There is more than one interesting point in Berd’s post. He related to explanation of SOA on Wikipedia. Personally I was not quite satisfied with description of SOA and just tried to take a look on SOA definition in English Wikipedia. I was astonished. The German one was probably written by some manager who never feels the pain of integration of applications (I mean the first section only - The rest is pure translation).
The english one shows definitely that SOA is occupied by technocrats.

My message to all managers is:
“Don’t let developers to occupy SOA. Concentrate and think more about it.”

My message to developers: "Not every webservice is SOA conform".
My Message to architects: "SOA is not always the best solution"
My message for all: "Think the right way about it, It will be better for all of us. The software is still too unstable and to expensive!"

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