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If one EventHandler has to be developed for BizTalk RFID event handler pipeline, the project template "Event Handler Template" should be used. In this case the project solution will contain the project folder "Deploy Scripts". This folder contains three scripts which simplify deployment of the handler to the local machine.

Usually, one event handler is a component of one process. That means, that one test process is required to test the handler. However the test process requires not only one handler. It requires at least one physical device too. For more information about process binding take a look on this post
This concept is well designed, but in reality slow down the development process, because provider(s), device(s), tags are required. The good thing is that installed build scripts install the handler without of logical and bounded physical device. Note that RFID manager (MMC console) does not allow creating of the process without device.

To test your handler attach to process RfidServices.exe (it you are running desktop operative system) and set some breakpoint. Open the RFID Manager console and start the process. Go to View Tags and press button Send Tags. After this RFID services will insert the event in the process pipeline. This is simplest possible way to quick start with your event handler. Unfortunately in the real scenario, it will be probably required to test the handler with very specific data on the tag. In this case you will have to fully setup your process pipeline.

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