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Sometimes your process may fail with following error: "The RFID process engine "your process name" encountered an error of type ThresholdBreached. The service will attempt to restart this process engine automatically, unless this was because of a known fatal error. Additional information: . If this is due to a known fatal error, resolve the issue, and then start the provider or process manually."

This happens if the BTS RFID framework tries to dispatch TagReadEvent to the event handler and the processing of the event fails within event handler. If the process is configured to retry dispatching of the event, the number of retries will reach internally predefined limit and the exception described above will be thrown. Unfortunately, the detailed error it is not always written either in the event-log or in the process log file.

To solve the problem attach debugger to the RfidService.exe (assuming desktop installation) and find out the place where the exception is thrown.

Posted Oct 28 2007, 08:05 PM by Damir Dobric
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