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Daenet.FileWatcher DSPI (Device Service Provider) is a provider which simulates RFID specific operation based on system IO hooks. This provider is in general useful for emulating of RFID hardware and it can be used to receive the data form BizTalk server via File Adapter.

How does it work?

When one device (based on FileWatcher provider) is attached to system, the Daenet.FileWatcher  will create the subfolder with the name which equals to DeviceId (see later). The folder will be created as a subfolder of the RootFolder (see below ProviderProperties). By default under the device subfolder, three additional subfolders are created under device folder: Antrenna1, Antenna2 and Antenna3. Note that the number of antenna-folder is fixed and cannot be changed.
When one XML-file which represents the RFID-Tag is copied to one of “Antena?” folders, the System IO (Watcher_Changed) event is fired. At this moment Daenet.FileWatcher immediately deserialize the new (or even existing, but changed) XML file, extracts the all Tag-Data and dispatches the tag to the BTS RFID underlying framework.

The XML tag look in serialiyed form as shown below:

<?xml version="1.0"?><Tag xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">  <DeviceName>Dev01</DeviceName>  <TagId>AAAAAAAAAAI=</TagId>  <TagData>YWFhYWFhYWFhYWFhYWFhYWE=</TagData>  <TagSource>Antenna1</TagSource>  <TagTime>2007-10-18T09:48:18.3249229+02:00</TagTime>  <TypeOfTag>EpcClass1Gen2</TypeOfTag></Tag 

The tag write operation creates the new XML file in the target Antenna folder or it writes the new data in the existing XML, which represent the tag with specific ID.

Installing the provider:

During installation of Daenet.FileWatcher, following properties have to be set (see picture below):

1.       Filter
This property specifies the wildcard pattern to be used for filtering of files. For example *.tag.xml will detect all files which match this pattern (i.E.: tagsamlefile.tag.xml).

2.       RootFolder
Specifies the folder where subfolders which represent devices will be contained. Folders which represent devices will be created under this folder.

 Creating Devices:

By creating of one device, be sure that the property DeviceId is set. This property defines the name of device’s folder, where Antenna subfolders will be created. Properties “Antenna?” should not be changed.
Following picture shows how to set device properties:

Note that additionally device can be discovered too. Move one folder to the RootFolder and wait few seconds. Refresh the list of devices in the RFID manager and device with the name of moved folder (this is now the ID of device) appears. To be able to start device, enable it. During enabling process all properties like username, password etc. should be empty.

The Daenet.FileWatcher DSPI provider can be downloaded here. Another intersting binary DebugEventHandler for BizTalk RFID can be downloaded here.

[Downloads here are provided as-is with no warranty!]

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Mick Badran wrote re: FileWatcher DSPI Provider
on 11-16-2007 22:35

Hi Damir, hope your session went well (missed it here in Australia).

Just curious - was this the sample DSPI provider that we developed and gave to MS around 6-7 weeks ago? (we're currently finalising their RFID course - which one of the labs we create this -

) could be that great minds think alike?

Take care and well done.

Damir Dobric wrote re: FileWatcher DSPI Provider
on 11-16-2007 22:56

RFID Sessions in Redmond at SOA and BPM conference and in lovely Barcelona at TechEd were both very well. Who knows, next year may be Australia :)

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