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Thanks for everybody who attended the TechNet presentation Business Process Management in context of Microsoft strategy.
Here is a short overview of agenda and the link to download of the full presentation. If you have any recommendation to make this interesting and highly important topic better, please let me know.

  • Business Process Management
    • Overview
    • Microsoft and BPM
    • Demo: Modeling (ODBA, ITP Process Modeler)
  • Process Automation and Integration
    • BizTalk R2
    • Orchestration concepts
    • Integration Concepts : LOB Adapters
    • Processes at the Edge (BTS RFID)
    • Demo: BizTalk R2
  • Business Activity Monitoring
    • Excel Add-In
    • Tracking Editor
    • Demo: BAM
  • Windows Workflow
    • General Concepts
    • Demo
  • Collaboration
    • InfoPath
    • MOSS Workflows, Custom Workflows
    • Excel Services
    • BDC
    • Demo

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