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After at least ten years of waiting, there is Spell Checker for Visual Studio. Believe or not, it is a common VS-AddIn, which does not require any additional executable or other tricky executable; instead of WinWord.
In my daily job, I do lot of code reviews. In the meantime I have a feeling that there is a tight correlation between quality of code documentation and code quality. Unfortunately at this moment I cannot provide mathematical prove of this statement, but the experience is something we should at least be aware of. If you believe that this correlation is true, here is the great spell-checker tool which could increase your code quality: J

Visual Studio 2005 Add-in download

Visual Studio 2008 Add-in download

If you want to read more, Mikhail has briefly described the new Add-In in his post.

Posted Dec 27 2007, 11:29 PM by Damir Dobric
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