"Business Data Catalog Definition Editor" Installation Issue

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While installing Microsoft Business Data Catalog, you will probably get following error:

"Unexpected Error has occurred. Error is "ExecuteNonQuery failed for Database 'AR633257265001121712' à ExecuteNonQuery failed for Database 'AR633257265001121712' -> An Exception occurred while executing Transact-SQL statement or batch -> Invalid column name 'id'".

This very intuitive error message, which contains twice the same error description, means briefly: "Hey guy, you didn't install the SqlExpress with the instance name 'Bdc'". First, I was asking myself, why the tool like BDC-Editor requires a database at all. Another question is, if the tool requires the database, why it does not use the existing one. First answer is, because the tool has not Save option. When you created the BDC-App, you cannot save it, but it is automatically persisted in the SQL database. The second question I cannot answer.

Anyhow, although this tool has many other little problems I would personally recommend it, because manually creating of BDC-XML files takes much more time.

Posted Jan 02 2008, 10:55 PM by Damir Dobric
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Damir Dobric Posts wrote Testing Methods in Ms BDC-Definition Editor
on 01-02-2008 23:52

While building the BDC metadata, it will be for sure necessary to deploy your XML application definition

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