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Microsoft has released the source code for .NET Framework. Personally I regard this decision and find it as an important step for MS developer community.
For more information about using of source code in VS Debugger take a look at detailed blog post that covers the exact steps on how to enable this in more depth.
Additionally, there is already a Support Forum which will for sure be helpful.

Additionally here is a related screen cast.

Following assemblies are currently available:

  • Mscorlib.DLL
  • System.DLL
  • System.Data.DLL
  • System.Drawing.DLL
  • System.Web.DLL
  • System.Web.Extensions.DLL
  • System.Windows.Forms.DLL
  • System.XML.DLL
  • WPF (UIAutomation*.dll, System.Windows.DLL, System.Printing.DLL, System.Speech.DLL, WindowsBase.DLL, WindowsFormsIntegration.DLL, Presentation*.dll, some others)
  • Microsoft.VisualBasic.DLL



Posted Jan 17 2008, 11:01 AM by Damir Dobric
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