Problem with starting of Workflow Service

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While trying to implement some test I moved my WorkflowService (the Workflow hosted as Wcf service) from original project to some other one.
After that I could have noticed following error: 

                                          "No contract found in the workflow".

This error occurs if the workflow implementation is contained in the project which is not of the Workflow Project Type (no any of {SequentialWorkflowServiceLibrary,  StateMachineWorkflowServiceLibrary, SequentionalWorkflwoLibrary or StateMachineWorkflowLibrary}).

However, in my case I'm using the the workflow service, which naturally should also not be consisting part of the Workflow Project type. Instead such workflows (or services) have a special project type named "WorkflowService" (SequentialWorkflowServiceLibrary and StateMachineWorkflowServiceLibrary).
Note that one WorkflowService can be consisted in the project of common workflow type like SequentionalWorkflwoLibrary and StateMachineWorkflowLibrary.

Posted Mar 01 2008, 07:36 PM by Damir Dobric
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Felipe Dutra Tine e SIlva wrote re: Problem with starting of Workflow Service
on 06-04-2008 14:44


I had the same problem.

To resolve this.

You can open the .csproj with the notepad.

And you must put the line :

<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Microsoft\Windows Workflow Foundation\v3.5\Workflow.Targets" />

after :

<Import Project="$(MSBuildBinPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" /> is a .Net Community Blog powered by daenet GmbH.