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Two years ago we (DAENET) won in Minneapolis the Worldwide Innovation Award for one very interesting RFID solution called XSYLON. Now, as Andreas already announced just few days ago, DAENET wins the innovation award in Germany for most innovative SOA solution for medium size businesses.
For everybody who knows German here are few interesting links:

And for those who don't speak German, few pictures from ceremony in Hanover at CeBIT 2008:




The winning solution is DAENET' SOA Suite, which enables powerful management of WCF based services and include out of the box Service Bus, which enables even the communication between participants who talks different protocols and much more.

Because most details of the product are still confidential, I hope we will post more material soon. Everybody who is interesting on evaluating or deploying of this technology please let me know.


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Posted Mar 17 2008, 11:07 PM by Damir Dobric


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