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Upcoming version of the Team System (code name "Rosario") will have something called Architecture Explorer. Following picture shows how to start-up the explorer:


If you now have no idea what this could be, I would suggest to read this post to the end. First I would do is to take a look in Wikipedia.
Good luck, because of this point of time, there is nothing there.
The picture below shows navigating path (red line) in Architecture Explorer. First (on the left, not shown) is the WindowsApplication1 node, which is my application. The I wanted to know what does the app contains. The I found the form1, which contains a button1_Click method etc. At the bottom of this picture there is a kind of dependency model diagram, which says: " There is a solution WIndowsFormsApplication1, which contains a project WIndowsFormsApplication1. That project has a Form1 which contains abutton1_click method".


After many other interesting analyzing options I can click on button1_Click method and pick "Insert into Active diagram":


But, before I do that, I should insert a solution item "Sequence Diagram" as shown at the next picture:


Now, I have an empty diagram and can click on "Insert Into Active Diagram". As a result following diagram appears:


This one shows that there is a Form1 object which instantiate the object of class Class1, and immediately after invokes the
method f11() on the instance of Class1 etc. Is that not nice?
This is definitely a great feature.
The bad thin in the current version (which I use) is that Architect Explorer forgets to unload the PDB file. This cause the compiler to fail at next build.

After all I tried to invoke the method Class2.f21 (see diagram above) asynchronously and got following result:
This would be in RTM version definitely the killer of this great feature. :) (I still remember introducing of "calculating remaining time in Vista, few years ago")
I know, I know, this is CTP
preview. Personally I think, that upcoming version full of great feature, which will for sure enable us to make better software than we can imagine today.

Think ALM

Posted May 04 2008, 12:42 AM by Damir Dobric


Damir Dobric wrote re: Architecture Explorer !?
on 06-05-2008 15:39

I you are interested on other „Rosario” topics I would highly recommend Christian’s blog. His blog ( is in German, but if you can think in “pictures”, he published interesting WebCasts.

Here is an example of a cast about UI automation framework:

For all other interested on Product Launch session 2008 in Frankfurt, here is the video collection.

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