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When self-hosting the workflow service, for example in one console application, you may get following error:

"Service behavior WorkflowServiceBehavior requires that the binding associated with endpoint BasicHttpBinding_IMyContract listening on http://localhost:8000/wfservice supports the context protocol, because the contract associated with this endpoint may require a session. Currently configured binding for this endpoint does not support the context protocol. Please modify the binding to add support for the context protocol or modify the SessionMode on the contract to NotAllowed."

Note that some words in the error text above are related to my service and not to your one. That means that your error message will look probably slightly different.

This error occurs when the used binding is not of expected type. In my example I used basicHttpBinding to host the workflow service. To solve the problem use a workflow specific binding *ContextBinding. For example basicHttpContextBinding.
In general, when using workflow services following bindings are supported:

WsHttpCOntextBinding and

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