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An Application Enterprise Server is a server, system, or better the middle-ware which acts as a container for applications' business logic. Windows Server seems to be with .NET Framework and Visual Studio the most comprehensive framework and developer tool suite in the industry. The need EAS strategy and the role of Windows Server platform has been recognized by Gartner. For more information see Magic Quadrant article.

Today we (more or less) adopt SOA principles by using the full spectrum of web services as part of our applications. We do this mostly ranging from simple RESTful services introduced in .net 3.5 to more advanced web services utilizing WS-* standards. However, as we are trying to reuse services, there is a demand to create composite applications. Such applications are much more complex to develop and to deploy. Moreover they present more challenges around scalability, performance an reliability.

Targeting market demands described by quadrant-article above Microsoft is build a set "solutions" (products, platform, tool etc) which will be presented at the PDC this year in LA.

Most of this is already known under code names "Cloud" (cloud computing or biztalk services) and "Oslo" (modeling platform). We should think about "Oslo" and the "Cloud" as being two sides of the same coin. Oslo should be all about modeling and "Cloud" should be the required runtime.

More about this after PDC. Anyhow, here is one interesting article.

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