Building BizTalk RFID 2009 Event Handlers

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This post is related for everybody out there who use event handlers and/or DSPI-s build on the old version of event handler (or.and dspi)project template (s). These could be for example developers who used project templates provide by DAENET in the last two years.

After installing of new bits of BTS RFID, you may notice that current project do not build on the new stack. To work around this problem do following:

1. Remove all references to Rfid.* and Microsoft.Rfid.*.

2. Go to project properties and add change the target platform to .NET 3.0

3. Add all required BTS.RFID references. For example: Microsoft.Rfid.Design.dll, Microsoft.Rfid.SpiSdk.dll amd Microsoft.Rfid.Util.Dll.

4. Rebuild the project

That should be all.

Posted Oct 11 2008, 11:20 PM by Damir Dobric
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