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The Azure™ Services Platform in general provides a range of functionality to build create, migrate and extend applications that span from consumer web to enterprise scenarios. In this post I put togher some information collected today at PDC.

The Microsoft .NET Access Control Service provides an easy way to control web applications and services while integrating with standards-based identity providers, including enterprise directories and web identity systems such as Windows Live ID. Authorization decisions can be pulled out of the application and into a set of declarative rules that can transform incoming security claims into claims that applications understand.

Service Bus

The Microsoft .NET Service Bus makes it easy to connect applications together over the Internet. Services that register on the Bus can easily be discovered and accessed, across any network topology. The Service Bus provides the familiar Enterprise Service Bus application pattern, while helping to solve some of the hard issues that arise when implementing this pattern across network, security, and organizational boundaries, at Internet-scale.

The Microsoft .NET Workflow Service is a high-scale host for running workflows in the cloud. It provides a set of activities optimized for sending, receiving, and manipulating HTTP and Service Bus messages; a set of hosted tools to deploy, manage and track the execution of workflow instances; and a set of management API’s. Workflows can be constructed using the familiar Visual Studio 2008 Workflow Designer.

SQL Data Services

delivers on the Microsoft Data Platform vision of extending the SQL Server capabilities to the cloud as web-based services, enabling you to store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Windows Live Services

allow for the easy creation of mashups—applications that combine data or content from several sources into a new single integrated application. Using Windows Live Web Services APIs, developers can create mashup applications to meet an endless number of business objectives. The mashups showcase below illustrates innovative applications developed from creatively combining data from two previously separate apps.

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