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Today Microsoft has published a hotfix for several issues, which have been experienced in last months. The hotfix for all listed issues can be downloaded here. It contains only assemblies that are required to correct listed issues and do not perform update of the whole product. If you do not experience any of these issues, you do not have to install the fix on productive systems. The list of affected assemblies can be found behind provided link above.

Here is the list:

High IO latency  issue

It occurs while setting of output values on digital input/output (I/O) ports. For example, you wont to switch some light by setting of the IO property.
This problem causes a delay in operator tasks or incorrect results in automated operations. By default BTS RFID has been tracking changes of the value of all properties for version purposes. For example each time some property is changed the old value changes are persisted in some kind of "history" table. Because GPIO properties are also common properties this has been done for them too. This caused the latency. However, GPIO properties are slightly different than other properties. Most of properties re used configuration purposes. GPIO properties can also be understand as  kind config properties, but they are often used in the runtime. In this case versioning wouldn't make sence for them.

Disappearing Events while restarting

When the BizTalk RFID Service is restarted while the service is receiving tag events from devices, some tag events are lost. The loss of events occurs for a short time.

Device Discovery Issue
This issue targets devices which obtain IP address via DHCP protocol or by connecting via Active Sync. Please read more about this here.


First  one is my personal favorite, which made me often crazy.


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